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Gaits of Change
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Gaits of Change

Where Every Journey Begins With A First Stride

Registered Instructor Training & Workshops

The Registered Instructor training provides instructors with the education and understanding necessary to obtain the PATH Intl. Registered Instructor status. The training and workshops are both geared to the most current and best practices with regard to teaching, horse handling, accreditation, volunteer management and techniques related to EAAT.  Gaits of Change Instructor Workshops that lead to a PATH Intl registered instructor workshop and certification have an incredible 100% passing rate. This is attributed to those registered candidates embracing best practices, being prepared, gaining experience with greater knowledge and being confident in their abilities as an instructor. Practicing with accurate, correct mentorship and input makes practice meaningful and develops good habits.

Those who are already PATH Intl Certified Registered Instructors are given the opportunity to brush up on their skills at the Registered Instructor Workshops since the information shared is the most current in the industry. All workshops are consistently updated to ensure the information being taught and shared is the most current in our industry. The benefit to those who already have their certification is to receive positive feedback on their teaching, learn new skills and learn by example how to be a better mentor to others. The specific curriculum can be made available as a series of workshops or specific topics that suit the needs of you or your program.

Gaits of Change offers several programs for individuals and centers who are seeking to prepare for the PATH Intl. Registered Level Instructor Certification as well as maintain their continuing education.  

For Individuals:

  • These courses and workshops will prepare you to obtain your Registered Level Instructor Certification
  • Opportunity to further your education in EAAT

For Centers:

  • Opportunity to host a PATH Intl. Workshop or Certification
  • Assist in developing exciting and fun programs that will showcase your center
  • Enhance the learning environment organized within the PATH Intl. community to educate your colleagues while helping others obtain instructor certification

The Workshop will target the following areas:

Segment 1: Introduction & Overview "Getting Started"

Segment 2:  The Essential Information for Preparing a Safe & Effective EAAT

Segment 3:  Putting the Pieces Together for an Effective Lesson

Segment 4: Keeping the Quality of Your Program

Segment 4: Therapeutic Riding Instructor Certification Preparation Course Review

Registered Instructor Workshop & On-Site Certification

One of the first steps to becoming a Registered Instructor is to connect with a PATH Intl. Center and gain experience working with individuals with disabilities.  Becoming a volunteer at a program is a great way to start.  This will provide you with valuable insight so you can make an educated decision if becoming a Registered Instructor is right for you.

 The PATH Intl. Registered OSWC will assist those individuals wanting to obtain their certification at the Registered Level.  Please refer to the PATH Intl. Website for all the information and forms that will assist you in pursuing this certification.

Raising The Bar--Teaching Beyond The Registered Level

Raising the Bar from the PATH Intl Registered Instructor status takes time, talent, dedication and good mentorship. The Gaits of Change Advanced Preparation Workshop qualifies as a prerequisite for the Advanced Instructor application and certification. However, it is meant to be a kick-start to your future teaching, lunging and riding, due to the enhanced applicable knowledge gained at the workshop. The participants will understand the expectation of the Advanced certification, “how to’s” of advanced lunging, teaching, stable management and riding. All participants are taught how to self-evaluate in comparison to the advanced instructor standard, prepare themselves for the journey towards advanced certification and globally embrace a richer delivery of all teaching techniques and opportunities for their participants. All Registered and previously certified Advanced Instructors will benefit from the experience and expectation required, be motivated to be the best instructor they can be and ultimately set out on a path of best practices as a result of the workshop.