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Gaits of Change
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Gaits of Change

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Interactive Vaulting

Gaits of Change offers customized Interactive Vaulting Workshops that will assist in assessing the herd and how to lunge in the classic manner with the expectation of becoming a vaulting instructor.  It will introduce all the components of an interactive vaulting lesson and the benefits to the students.   Many EAAT programs would benefit from adding an Interactive Vaulting program to their services offered due to the exceptional benefits related to socialization for many of our clientele and the low need for resources that are often maxed out with are other services.  Interactive Vaulting is an equine-assisted activity that can enhance your program and be a better fit for those students whose needs are focused on social interaction, verbalization, manners, empathy for the horse, team building and life goals related to getting along in society.

A Taste of Interactive Vaulting or Interactive Vaulting 101 Workshop

The Gaits of Change “Taste of Interactive Vaulting 101 Workshop” is an inexpensive, educational precursor to the PATH Intl. Vaulting Workshop and Certification.  This workshop will provide an educational insight into the world of Interactive Vaulting, how it can benefit your program, and step-by-step guidance on setting up an Interactive Vaulting Program for your center.

The interactive vaulting program serves up to six participants with one horse, one interactive vaulting instructor and generally one volunteer.  Often times interactive vaulting is a better choice of program for the participants with communication and social difficulties, behavioral issues or lacking confidence and self esteem.  Interactive vaulting is a growing discipline in EAAT because of its immense therapeutic benefits.  This program targets strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, confidence, trust, patience, and critical thinking.  The advantage to adding the Interactive Vaulting Program to your equine assisted activities not only benefits the participants, but also maximizes your program resources such as instructors, horses, volunteers and availability of space.

PATH Intl. Interactive Vaulting OSWC

Instructors who are ready to begin the Interactive Vaulting Certification process can find all of the requirements and forms on the PATH Intl. Website

Find out the great opportunities that come with adding Interactive Vaulting to your program for your participants and instructors while not using up your valuable resources such as horses and volunteers.  Sandy is a Lead Interactive Vaulting Faculty and Evaluator for PATH Intl. and has a passion for this exciting and effective form of an equine assisted activity. Sandy is happy to conduct one day workshops called ‘Vaulting 101 – A Taste of Vaulting”, or work with your program staff in-house to start the process of training the instructors and horses. Contact her today to get started!