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Gaits of Change is dedicated to providing educational excellence through all of our programs and workshops. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals to further your education, improve your program, or build a new program.

Gaits of Change
Telephone: 949.701.5271

Educational Excllence

Gaits of Change

Where Every Journey Begins With A First Stride

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 WELCOME to Gaits of Change!

 Gaits of Change offers a variety of innovative programs tailored to fit your specific needs.  We specialize in Program Consulting & Strategic Planning, Registered & Advanced Instructor Training,Mentorship, Staff Development & Motivation, Interactive Vaulting Programs, and Horse Training.

All of our programs and services can be customized to fit your program's specific needs.  We can assist with start up programs, current program development, certifications, and much more.  Please take a moment to review our services and let us know how we can help you to strive for and achieve best practices one stride at a time!


A Tribute To Jack

Dear Sweet Jack,

How lucky I was that you came into my life,

You were resilient, brave and ever so kind,

How lucky I was you overcame trauma and strife,

You were brilliant, loyal and initially, ever so mine.

 With time your heart ventured out in the world,

Touching other lives beyond our own little garden,

With time your heart reached out to those in need,

Teaching them kindness, love and the lesson of pardon.

 Many of us benefited from the lessons you taught,

Kindness, patience, trust and unconditional love,

These lessons will be passed on by everyone you touched,

Each time we think, “Dear Jack” you will reappear in our hearts.


Thank you to those who believed in Jack when he didn’t know anything beyond pain and suffering prior to his adoption. Adria, Bob, Robin, Indy, Connie, Ainslie, Mark, Jamie, Steve….




In The News

Halleck Creek Ranch to Honor Sandy Webster

with Silver Buckle Award: