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Gaits of Change
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Gaits of Change

Where Every Journey Begins With A First Stride

Advanced Instructor Training & Workshops

Raising The Bar--Teaching Beyond The Registered Level

Raising the Bar from the PATH Intl Registered Instructor status takes time, talent, dedication and good mentorship. The Gaits of Change Advanced Preparation Workshop qualifies as a prerequisite for the Advanced Instructor application and certification. However, it is meant to be a kick-start to your future teaching, lunging and riding, due to the enhanced applicable knowledge gained at the workshop. The participants will understand the expectation of the Advanced certification, “how to’s” of advanced lunging, teaching, stable management and riding. All participants are taught how to self-evaluate in comparison to the advanced instructor standard, prepare themselves for the journey towards advanced certification and globally embrace a richer delivery of all teaching techniques and opportunities for their participants. All Registered and previously certified Advanced Instructors will benefit from the experience and expectation required, be motivated to be the best instructor they can be and ultimately set out on a path of best practices as a result of the workshop.

Advanced Prep Workshop 

Gaits of Change Advanced Instructor Preparation Workshop is a three day educational session intended to demystify the concerns and expectations of the PATH Intl. Advanced Certification.  This workshop gives you the education and practice necessary to begin your journey towards the Advanced Instructor status.  

Candidates will demonstrate their lunging and riding abilities, teach mock lessons, and take a mock written exam.  Candidates will receive one-on-one feedback from Sandy in order to evaluate their readiness to attend a PATH Intl. Advanced Instructor Certification.  Advanced Programs are offered throughout the country and cover many aspects of the Equine-Assisted Therapies at the advanced level.

Centers looking to hold a workshop or certification may contact Sandy for additional details.  She will be able to assist in developing a workshop that is right for your program as she is a PATH Intl. Advanced and Master Level Evaluator.  Currently PATH Intl. does not offer an Advanced Workshop.

Advanced Instructor Certification

The Advanced Certification Level is the second level of certification offered by PATH Intl.  Please refer the PATH Intl. Website for information regarding the Advanced Certification Process & Forms.

Host sites that want to offer an Advanced Certification may contact Gaits of Change as Sandy is a PATH Intl. Advanced and Master Evaluator.