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Gaits of Change
Telephone: 949.701.5271

Gaits of Change

Where Every Journey Begins With A First Stride

About GOC

Welcome to Gaits of Change, where we believe every journey begins with a first stride.

Sandy Webster is the owner and passionate drive behind Gaits of Change.  Her dedication to educational excellence is the foundation and driving force behind all of the programs offered.  Sandy has over 30 years of experience both as a winning equestrian and as a professional in Equine-Assisted Activities & Therapies (EAAT).  She is a true competitor at heart with a long history of wins and purses as a professional jockey, Advanced Level 3-Day Eventer, Dressage competitor, and noted Carriage Driver.  Additionally, Sandy has been an outstanding innovator and practitioner in the therapeutic riding industry gaining much respect both within and beyond the industry.    

Sandy is motivating, dynamic and truly wants to make a difference in your organization.  She provides strategies and problem-solving techniques to inspire everyone to become more vested and dedicated to their mission. Sandy's contributions span all fronts, yet her passion is teaching, education and developing best practices in EAAT centers, both large and small.  She will help you build your team through good leadership, implementing systems of efficiency and educational mentorship for everyone involved.  Sandy's workshops and speaking engagements are popular and successful. She is an energetic presenter whose passion of the EAAT industry shines through. Sandy believes in motivating those individuals she encounters to strive towards their goals, live their plan, make achievements and succeed in their personal, professional and program desires.  Sandy's workshops and speaking engagements are popular and successful.  Sandy's radiant personality, her belief in achievement and success, and her light but winning touch, motivates and inspires all.

Gaits of Change offers a variety of programs, workshops and consulting opportunities, all of which can be customized to fit your specific needs. The Gaits of Change focus is on education, good leadership, best practices and living the mission of the organization.


Sandy's Qualifications

  • Over 30 years experience as a professional in Equine Assisted Activities & Therapies
  • PATH Intl. Master Instructor
  • PATH Intl. Lead Course Conductor & Evaluator for Registered & Advanced Instructors
  • PATH Intl. Lead Interactive Vaulting Course Conductor & Evaluator
  • PATH Intl. Accreditation Site Evaluator
  • Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association - Advanced Instructor & CanTRA Coach
  • Canadian Equestrian Federation Level 2 Coach (Eventing)Professional Licensed Thoroughbred trainer & jockey
  • Accomplished Public Motivational Speaker, Clinician, & Instructor
  • Paralympic & World Championship Coach
  • Accomplished 3-Day Eventer (Qualified for the PanAm games)
  • Program Director of C.A.R.D for 14 years (Large EAAT program in Toronto)
  • Executive Director of C.A.R.D for 8 years
  • C.E.O. Green Meadows Equestrian Center for 19 years (Competitive Eventing Facility)
  • Developed national equestrian sport opportunities for riders with disabilities across Canada
  • "A" Pony Club Graduate
  • First Female Jockey in Canada
  • Represented the United States & Developed Opportunities for Women in New Zealand
  • New Zealand Jockey Club