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Thursday, 14 April 2016 06:32

Workshops & Learning Galore!

Hello Friends!





I have been holding down the Fort here with my friend Indy in Mission Viejo, California for the last couple of weeks while Sandy has been teaching at EATSF in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area.

Fort Lauderdale is where we lived and did the community and program assessments, S.W.O.T analysis, Strategic Planning and Program Development for “Project 200” before going to Singapore. Project 200 was the agreement between EATSF and the Broward County Parks and Recreation to create the therapeutic learning center, which they fondly call the TLC. Cute name eh!

The EATSF center is now hosting workshops (just like the one’s Sandy has been teaching these last couple of weeks) due to the careful planning, fundraising and staff training.

The Mandy B. and Sandy W. team-taught a PATH Intl OSWC together, sending out new Instructors into the EAAT industry as new professionals. I think EAAT should stand for Eat All Available Treats, that way they would have even more people attend. 

Sandy then taught the human agility course that they call Interactive Vaulting, which is always great fun and teaches humans to get along and learn from each and their partner the horse, just like I do in the dog park with my friends. In the dog park my friends and I play, move fast, wag our tails, play games, make new friends and communicate in all kinds of ways  - just like in Interactive Vaulting.

Sandy also conducted a “Taking the Lead Workshop”. All the volunteers, staff and horses got a chance to do a dance and work together as partners. The horses learn not to be afraid of things that I personally think are loud, sparkly and ticklish – plus there are so many people trying to learn to be the horse’s partner. This helps the people understand the horses, and as a result they learn to partner with the horses through body language, consistency and purposeful movements rather than by dominating them in a human way.

It is cool stuff, but I could have told you that dog years ago because it is just like what we did in our Rally-O, Agility and Obedience Classes right here in Mission Viejo with my Aussie friend Indy.

All of these workshops are going to be offered at Ivey Ranch in Oceanside, California, not far from here this upcoming week – don’t miss out on the education, partnerships and fun during the OSWC and Vaulting Workshops. Check it out on the Gaits of Change website ( and also on the Ivey Ranch Website (

Meet cha in the sand box in a couple of weeks! 

Until Next Time!




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