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Gaits of Change

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Sunday, 03 April 2016 06:15

Home In California

Hello Friends!



I accumulated a lot of air miles over the last weekend in March.

I started out from the Changi airport in Singapore and flew to Amsterdam with Sandy. I was put up at the Doggie Ritz Carlton when I arrived in Amsterdam for 4 hours and got to use the spa, recreation center and go for a walk.  After my much need break, we loaded up again and headed out for Los Angelos, where Sandy and I met up with Robin our long-term friend.

Sandy leaves for Florida on March 29 to go to EATSF in Fort Lauderdale to teach a PATH Intl OSWC, Mentor Training a Vaulting Workshop. EATSF is the wonderful program in Fort Lauderdale we were intensely involved with before we left for Singapore over a year and a half ago. Sandy is looking forward to teaching the Instructors in Training in the really cool EATSF Therapeutic Learning Center that we were instrumental in building, fondly known as the T.L.C.

I will put my paws up and play with my dear old friend “Indy” at Robin’s house in Mission Viejo, California until Sandy arrives home mid- April to teach at Ivey Ranch.  The instructors on the west coast are in for a treat because Ivey Ranch is hosting the popular and educational Mentor Training course and coupling it with an OSWC for an amazing experience for people who are already certified.

Also, my favorite workshop, Interactive Vaulting will also be offered at Ivey Ranch in April.  Be sure to check out the calendar on the website to get more details. Secretly, Interactive Vaulting reminds me of my old agility and fly ball days with lots of interaction, running, playing and social experiences.  I even heard Sandy say that Interactive Vaulting is the best activity for youth at risk because it purposefully includes teamwork, social skills and movement just like my dog adventure classes!

Looks like we are landing running while teaching and traveling to workshops across the United States – check out our calendar so that you can join in too!


Until Next Time!




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