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Gaits of Change
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Gaits of Change

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Friday, 29 May 2015 07:09

Salutations From Singapore

Well I have been in Singapore with Sandy for the last 7 months and all is well here.

I have been able to slide into the Singaporean culture fairly easily thanks to my neighbours and my furry friends Smeegle a back German Shepard and his side kick Magic along with a lovely yellow lab by the name of Horlicks. We all hang out in a beautiful house with an amazing garden, pool and “air-con” up the road from our condo while Sandy is at EQUAL.

Sandy and I have gone on lots of walks along the green corridor behind our house. In fact, the green corridor goes for over 10 km. on a beautiful trail lined by huge tropical trees, has lizards to chase and has great smells along the way.

The only thing I really need to warn you about if you do some trekking here is the wild monkeys. What you might think of as the cute, funny, ball of fluff with a long tail can be very aggressive and even predatory. I had one encounter where six monkeys came down out of the over lying trees and dared me to walk past. I didn’t know what they would do so we turned and got out of their territory.  It felt like we had walked into the wrong part of town.

Sandy has been running some 5 km races and sometimes thinks it is a good idea for me to train with her, but due to the extreme heat I suggested I guard the condo instead.

This week is the graduation of the 350 students at EQUAL, so I will likely have my breakfast and dinner at Mel’s house due to Sandy’s long day. That is ok, they give me smoothies at the house with extra vitamins called “electro-something” to help me deal with the heat.

Oh, I have been practicing my “Sing-lish”; you add a “la” at the end of chosen words and drop verbs to make you sound Singaporean. Ok- la, Next time-la    

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