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Gaits of Change
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Gaits of Change

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Wednesday, 23 November 2016 02:06

Jack's Latest & Greatest

Well, a lot of presentations, workshops and consulting experiences have gone by since we returned from Singapore in April of 2016.  It makes my paws tired thinking about the 39 plane flights to 13 different states, while conducting many types of workshops, totaling 29 filled with enthusiastic people eager to learn the EAAT industry. Not that I was on the road, but my Border Collie friend, Indy and I got updates regularly while staying with our friend Robin.  The PATH Intl. Conference was in Williamsburg, Virginia this year where Sandy got to see all her Dream Catchers friends who were running the show. She presented at the Pre-Conference on the Core Evaluator Training, which I think is how to be a good judge just like the one’s for the Westminster dog show. Sandy and her friend Jenny and some important instructor types presented the Experienced Instructor part 2 which ended up having a waiting list of 60 people. If that doesn’t just make you want to wag your tail really fast. Finally, the Horse Expo had 100’s of people learn about “Taking the Lead” where people witnessed the horse herd dynamics used in Sandy’s natural horsemanship techniques. Many center representatives bought the “Taking the Lead” video to help with their volunteer and staff training.  It is great to have my Mom home, except for all the vet and groomer appointments. We even went to the dentist and they gave me gas, I had dreams of eating turkey and going to Hawaii to have walks on the beach.  We want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Season (Thanksgiving should be a season filled with turkey scraps and hugs) We are grateful for all the special people, dogs and horses in our lives. Oh woof, and Thank You for sending my Mom home, she needed practice on how to fetch and bring the ball back to me.


Stay tuned for our next adventures!    


Until Next Time!




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