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Gaits of Change
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Gaits of Change

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Sunday, 01 May 2016 02:00

Keep it in The Vault

Hello Friends!

It has been great to settle into my home in Mission Viejo with my buddy’s Indy and Robin. The cooler weather and California sun suits my hair; it is like being back where I was meant to be.  Sandy has been off teaching 3 important workshops at Ivey Ranch the last couple of weeks.  One was the PATH Intl Instructor Training where they practice teaching techniques and horse stuff. The other one was for people who teach other people how to be an instructor but in a nice way called Mentoring. Lastly was the workshop that I wanted to attend called Interactive Vaulting. They throw balls and catch rings and say nice things to one another – I could do that for sure. The interactive vaulting instructors had so much fun and learned so much they didn’t really want to leave, but they had planes to catch and people to teach. 



Until Next Time!




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